The future of the way we live and experience our buildings through technology is going to change dramatically. 

​GENiUX's integrative sustainable design builds assets across 7 clean technology categories for people's benefit and engagement, efficiency and long term care.

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GENiUX will assess the opportunity to save both built and ongoing utility costs through local renewable energy generation.

We will look at solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy, batteries and micro grid.

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GENiUX is able to offer people a cleaner and move effective solution to owning your own car.


GENiUX buildings will display a fleet of electric vehicles, all shared within the community, powered by renewable energy through onsite charging stations.

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Water quality and availability are major issues in Australia's dry climate.

GENiUX is able to offer cost effective solutions through recycling, rain water harvesting and mechanical filtration instead of using chemicals. 

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Having your waste adequately sorted, recycled, energy recovered and disposed off in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way, can lead to significant cost savings.



A GENiUX building distinguishes itself by selecting the right materials that are able to offer cost savings in the long run.

Be it from edible gardens and green walls to appliances and proper insulation, we seamlessly integrate it all into the design.

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GENiUX will consider the site and evaluate the natural, social and cultural sources of capital.

Existing resources like sunshine, wind, rainfall, soil heat, biomas and topography are key in the clean technology integration process.

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Mobile application systems which can remotely monitor and control appliances will make people's life easier, more secure and save them time.

They are also integral in overall utility management, which means people can feel good about their "green performance".