The integration of cleantech reduces carbon emissions

2021-08-24 10:37:13 By David Briffa
At GENiUX, our purpose is centered around achieving a cleaner today for a greener tomorrow. As an integrated utilities provider, we offer holistic embedded clean technology infrastructures (CTI) to a range of developments - both suburban and remote with improved environmental outcomes. As an example, one of our latest residential development projects reduces carbon emissions of 55 TONNES from the atmosphere. This is equivalent to planting over 3,000 trees per year and enjoying the atmospheric benefits of them growing for 10 years! How?
  • Reduce reliance on carbon generating electricity by generating renewable energy on-site, and where possible, purchasing grid energy from renewable sources on your behalf.
  • Homes are less reliant on using energy from carbon-generating suppliers like gas or coal electricity suppliers.
  • By installing batteries, we save the solar electricity generated throughout the day when you are not home so that you can use it when you are.
  • We are ready when you purchase your EV to help reduce carbon emissions further. By installing EV chargers (or for those more sophisticated EVSE - electric vehicle supply equipment), and in some cases provisioning electric push bikes and e-motor scooters, we encourage you to save on petrol/ diesel and carbon by going electric.
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David Briffa