Say Hello to AquaReturn

2021-11-19 18:15:29 By David Briffa
Possibly, the next best thing in in conserving water since the dual flush toilet! We all know the feeling standing with our finger under the tap waiting for the hot water to heat up and watching all that water go to waste. Or how about turning on the hot water in the shower before you get undressed as you once again wait for the hot water to heat up. Well, this problem is now solved! Saving over thousands of litres of clean drinkable water every year, this device is a game changer. Say hello to AquaReturn. AquaReturn is an easy-to-install appliance invented and manufactured in Spain. The purpose of AquaReturn is to reduce the amount of hot water that goes to waste whilst waiting for the water to heat up. Already achieving strong sales in Europe, the device has proven to save up to 10,000 litres per person per household per annum! The 2016 Census reported that Greater Perth had 818,081 dwellings with a population of 1,943,858, or 2.6 people per house on average. Based on the water saving results being achieved by AquaReturn in Europe, if say 5,000 households (a small fraction of WA's dwellings - 0.6%) installed AquaReturn this would save up to 130 megalitres of water per annum. To save up to a gigalitre of water, only 38,462 household (or 4.7%) would need to install AquaReturn. Imagine how much water it would save if installed in every house across Australia. And thanks to GENiUX, it is now coming to Australia. For more details, get in touch with us.

David Briffa